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Cold drawn tube shortcomings and advantages

Date:2018-01-23    View:1052      Tag:Cold drawn tube shortcomings and advantages
Cold-drawn tubes are generally divided into medium and low pressure boiler tubes, high pressure boiler tubes, steel tubes, stainless steel tubes, petroleum cracking tube, other steel, thin-walled carbon steel, alloy steel thin-walled, thin-walled stainless steel, special steel.

Cold drawing is at room temperature, cold-drawn, cold-drawn, cold-drawn cold-rolled steel or steel products made of various types of steel. (Including conical tubes, oval tubes, etc. made using this method)

The advantages of cold drawn steel: forming speed, high yield, and does not damage the coating, can be cut in various forms of brittle cross-section to meet the needs of the use of conditions. Cold-drawn steel can have a great plastic deformation, thereby increasing the yield point of steel.

Drawn pipe shortcomings:
1. Although there is no thermoplastic compression in the forming process, residual stress still exists and the steel will inevitably impact on the overall and local buckling characteristics of the section.
2. Cold-drawn steel forming generally open cross-section, low torsional stiffness of the free cross-section shape. When the bending is prone to twisting, bending and twisting, the pressure is easy to buckle, the torsion performance is poor;
Third, cold-rolled steel wall thickness at the corner of the panel smaller, and no thick, concentrated carrying capacity to resist local weakness.
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