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Spiral Weld Seam

Date:2018-01-24    View:1040      Tag:Spiral Weld Seam
There are several types of spiral weld:

1. Spiral steel belt end welding: steel or steel welding head and rear spiral welded steel head;
2. Two spiral butt welds: Helical cutting is to connect the two together to form a circular weld;
Three. Spiral nail welding: for the final welding. Fixed butt weld edge.

Weld parameter analysis
⑴ weld width refers to the junction of the weld surface and the base metal called weld toe. Single bead cross-section, the distance between the weld is called weld toe width.

⑵ other than the weld surface is the height of the weld toe part of the weld is called the connection. Increasing the load-bearing capacity of the weld seam cross-section can increase the sensitivity of radiography, but will focus the stress of the weld. It is usually required to be higher than not less than the height of the substrate, increase its thickness and increase the height of the base metal, but the maximum should not exceed 3mm.

⑶ welding joint melting cross-section, the base material for the penetration depth of melting. Ensure penetration weld and base metal strength of a certain value. When the filler metal material (rods or filaments) is constant, the depth of penetration determines the size of the welding chemistry limit. Different methods of welding require different penetration values, such as welding, surfacing to maintain weld hardness and reduce base material depletion, requiring less penetration on the premise of ensuring penetration.
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