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Precision light pipe commonly used surface treatment process

Date:2018-01-31    View:1192      Tag:Precision light pipe commonly used surface treatment process
Precision light pipe passivation pickling, degreasing, ordinary precision three light tube surface treatment process.

1, precision light pipe passivation
The ice surface recommended for this process must have no Iron. Anything that exists on the surface of iron particles, precision light pipes, cast iron, low carbon, carbon steel or low alloy steel will grow "free" pitting steel surface precision light pipes. This is a very serious problem, so passivation is only used for precision light and stainless steel pipe. The primary purpose of ice is to prevent oxidation and corrosion on the surface of precision light pipe precision light pipes of Passivation University.

2, pickled precision light pipe
With precision tube ice removed the village pickled precision light tube surface is soldered, heat-treated or heat-treated at high temperature. But it also eliminates red rust-resistant steel or iron or steel particulate contaminants. Please note that if you do not pickle acid surface cleaning, the surface will soon begin to rust corrosion. As a result, the ice on the surface of the corrosive underlying steel is reduced. Precise light pipes can be "marinated to the surface to be traded with all 200300400 series precision light pipes. All operating results are marinated in the metal surface of the impurity guidelines yet removes only a small size change, therefore, the result is some ice The degree of visual perception and quenching than university may also constitute a significant reduction to the size of A. Heat treatment or a good control of the gas in a vacuum, such as bright annealing, eliminating the need for curing, often to her husband's precision light pipe A better cleaner for light goats.

3, precision light pipe degreasing cleaners
Precision light pipe surface treatment before any treatment, you must first lifted the cutting oil, fluid, paint and other compounds of lubricating oil, etc., you can put in the front surface of the heat-treated parts of the precision light tube or the final passivation. Precision light fittings must also be degreased proceeding further in the village of welding assemblies, to prevent the pick-up of high-carbon temperatures interning. Under normal circumstances the choice of university precision light tube cleaner (NO. CA q03), only need 1 to 8 minutes soak practice room to remove any oil temperature, simple operation, low labor intensity, can repeatedly repeatedly regeneration, effectively reduce production Cost of the price). Other metal cleaning cleaning operations, raising interest rates can be "used brushing the village, spray-like or stirring or in operation.
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