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Size Deviation of SSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-02-07    View:854      Tag:Size Deviation of SSAW Steel Pipe
Mainly in the spiral pipe size deviation straightness, roundness, uneven wall thickness.

Straightness tolerances are mostly used for helical tubes in most cases. However, the helical tube manufacturing standards require straightness. If the predetermined value is exceeded, this causes the backflow, so the helical tube factory should still pay attention.
Roundness tolerance will affect the use of spiral steel pipe, mainly in the welding of the wrong side of the group. Roundness tolerances lead to the wrong side of the welded joint, which not only reduces the pressure capability but also reduces the stress concentration. When the site group, roundness some pipe can be corrected. External diameter deviation of the spiral pipe tolerance roundness.

Uneven wall thickness is generally easily overlooked, many spiral steel pipe standard is not clearly defined. If the wall thickness is not uniform, it will not only result in the wrong side of the joint, but also adversely affect the secondary deformation (such as steel pipe manufacturing).
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