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Quality Control of LSAW Steel Pipe before Welding

Date:2018-02-08    View:1164      Tag:Quality Control of LSAW Steel Pipe before Welding
Straight seam welded steel pipe before the quality control:
1) First, do a good job of high-quality raw materials, after passing inspection, formally entered the construction site, and resolutely put an end to the use of substandard steel.
2) Welding material management. Check the welding material is qualified, storage and baking system is implemented, whether the surface of the weld issued no rust, electrode coating is intact, whether mildew.
3) Once again, clean the welding area management. Cleaning QA weld zone, water, oil, rust and dirt oxide film, which is to prevent the occurrence of external weld defects play an important role.
4) Select the appropriate welding method, the welding test should be implemented before the principle of welding.
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