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Requirements of spiral submerged arc welded pipe hot rolled strip

Date:2018-02-20    View:982      Tag:Requirements of spiral submerged arc welded pipe hot rolled strip
Spiral submerged arc welded pipe hot-rolled strip requirements: the chemical composition of hot-rolled strip control is mainly to reduce parathion carbon content, and the appropriate addition of titanium, vanadium, niobium content. Reduce the carbon content, can effectively improve the weldability of steel; reduce the sulfur content of steel to improve the toughness of the pipe and the only useful injection of cracks, but at the same time reduce the accumulation of sulfide to improve the crack resistance of steel, while reducing its sulfur Content can improve strip surface quality. Phosphorus steel toughness and weldability are harmful, while the common elements such as steel, phosphorus significantly improve the impact of a long transition temperature has a strong influence on the hardenability and reduce the phosphorus content can be directly improved solderability, because some hot-rolled Strip the phosphorus content as low as possible.
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