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How to Improve the Performance Characteristics of the Oil Casing

Date:2018-02-27    View:871      Tag:How to Improve the Performance Characteristics of the Oil Casing
Oil casing surface is not oxidized decarburization Induction heating hardened steel surface decarburization phenomenon is not found in the metallographic observation, while the traditional heating m0.10mm low carbon layer solution treatment. The amount of oxidation of the oil after solution treatment, conventional heating the surface of the solution after the friction material, low yield. ~ (0 ~ 0.15%) 20%; induced oxide Wu is not only a dense oxide film. Mechanical properties of steel at room temperature so that the electric furnace steel with a sense of melting and vacuum, using different heating methods for solution processing, but also through the mechanical properties of the same side effects after treatment comparison.

The data show that after two days of aging treatment dissolved in the same level of mechanical properties. However, the number of induction heating steel, arc furnace, casing metallurgy quality is far lower than the vacuum induction furnace steel. This induction-heated solution process compensates for the steel gap and shows the benefits of induction heating on the spoon.
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