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Cold-drawn Tube Unit

Date:2018-02-27    View:1002      Tag:Cold-drawn Tube Unit
Cold drawing unit (cold rolling machine and cold drawing machine) Cold rolling, cold drawing or cold rolling and cold drawing combination of cold processing technology for the production of pipe assembly equipment portfolio. It is hot-rolled pipe or steel deep processing unit.

According to the metal processing performance, pipe size, quality requirements and investment and benefits, choose a different processing methods and the corresponding auxiliary processes. The basic steps of a cold drawn tube are: (1) a fuel supply tube, tube material for hot rolled finished tube or half tube, extruded tube and welded tube; (2) preparation of tube material including inspection, baling, acid (3) cold (cold-rolled or cold drawn); (4) finished finishing, including heat treatment, straightening, cutting head, tail, sampling, inspection (inspection and a variety of artificial Test), hydraulic test, oil, packaging, warehousing and so on. Different products have different finished product content.

Characteristics Cold rolling mill production is expected to produce work-hardening from the tube to the finished product usually after a few cold deformation, so the entire production process preparation steps by a number of components of the deformation process and has periodic characteristics, so more steps, Long production cycle, metal consumption, low productivity, the general will not be large-scale production.

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