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Mortar Lined Steel Pipe

Date:2018-03-05    View:1014      Tag:Mortar Lined Steel Pipe
Pipe bending strength mortar coating test tube diameter, easy bending pipe, smooth and easy. Hour diameter easy to bend. It is considered that the coating of the pipe is liable to cause a curved mortar coating due to peeling of the coating. Cement mortar lining and ordinary cement with a certain thickness of sand, admixture, according to the ratio of design, made of mortar mixture, through special construction machinery and equipment, applied to the wall, the formation of a certain thickness of the mortar coating, cured lining. Cement mortar lining, relying on its own strength with the support of the wall, the structure is uniform, dense, hard, solid, and then brushing the surface of epoxy mortar, water roughness coefficient can be reduced. Cement mortar lining is not only a simple physical barrier barrier performance, but by the chemical properties of cement mortar lining to protect the pipeline.

Cement mortar lining has several obvious advantages:
1. Avoid the corrosion of pipe wall to produce rust, make long pipe maintain good water condition and low friction coefficient.
2. Due to the liner lining, water does not come into contact with the metal tube to ensure water quality.
Third, the use of cement mortar wall corrosion, prevent corrosion perforation, to extend the service life of the pipeline,
4. Easy access to cement mortar coating materials, construction period is short, good anti-corrosion, reducing pipeline construction costs.

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