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Longitudinal submerged arc double pipe welding expertise

Date:2018-03-08    View:1149      Tag:Longitudinal submerged arc double pipe welding expertise
Straight seam double-sided submerged arc welded pipe (straight seam steel) professional skills are as follows:
1. Double Submerged Arc Welding In the newly invented 1940, it was still used for residue protection in the same place as the manual soldering but this is not a slag electrode coating. LSAW still uses debris protection in the same place as manual soldering, but it is not a slag electrode coating, especially a molten flux. Flux system by a funnel filled, welded to the front through a pipe.

2. The second difference is the use of the electrode wire, because the wire can be sent continuously; the electrode, we burned a welding electrode must have a head to throw it, and the operation must stop, and then change the electrode welding.

III. In this way, the first advantage is the fully automated advantage; second, it is submerged arc welding, so it's heat exchange and relatively strong performance guarantee, high quality welding out; the third advantage, due to the submerged arc automatic Arc welding buried in the flux, so you can use high current, high welding efficiency, the progress of China's natural gas pipeline project.

4, Later changed to wire, continuous wire feeding with wire feeding device and spool, continuous feed of wire, ignition arc in molten particle covering agent, welding wire, part of base metal melting and evaporation and solder forming cavity, stable arc burning Inside the cavity, so called submerged arc welding. The arc is buried inside the cavity.

5, the pipeline is a high-strength steel, prefabricated in the factory in the first section of the pipeline, and then can be used in the field of welding, welded welding, welding process plant production of this kind of pipeline is the use of submerged arc welding, has now developed into a buried Welding, double wire submerged arc welding, such as multi-wire submerged arc welding, to further improve efficiency.
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