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US media disclosure of government trade officials and iron and steel interest groups

Date:2018-03-19    View:965      Tag:US media disclosure of government trade officials and iron and steel interest groups
The Wall Street Journal reported in a report on the 16 day of the Wall Street. Peter, director of the White House National Trade Commission, is closely related to the interests of the US iron and steel industry. He has instructed the Steel Corp to provide funds for filming documentary supporting his political views.
Reported that in 2011, the United States Steel Corp better according to the instructions Navarro, by an NGO in California, San Diego, to Navarro's production company paid $1 million for a documentary "fatal Chinese", the decline of the American steel industry due to China. Analysts believe that the strong political purpose, focus on interest groups, the lack of objectivity.
U. S. President Trump signed a announcement last week to declare 25% and 10% tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products from the 23 of this month. Since Navarro entered the Trump administration, he has been trying to impose high tariffs on steel and aluminum products. There is a view that Trump's move is the result of Navarro's promotion.
The report says the Federal Bureau of investigation is currently investigating the operation of Navarro's money. As the matter was revealed, more and more people questioned the implementation of the high tariff of steel and aluminum, which is obviously beneficial to the related steel industry, but it may damage the policy of the well-being of the American people.
Reagan was in the period from Congress political analysts David Richardson reports of Xinhua News Agency reporter commented that Rowley Nava sponsorship interest group, a film support its political views film, "this is contrary to morality, the essence of Steel Corp to seek protection, regardless of the normal operation of the global economy".
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