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The Brazil iron and Steel Association expects the president to persuade the United States to exempt

Date:2018-03-28    View:947      Tag:steel pipe,carbon steel pipe,carbon steel pipe
President of the Brazil iron and Steel Association, said Marco Polo Mello 22, Brazil still has time to persuade the United States formally exempted for steel and aluminum tariffs to the country's president temer Association called for telephone communication connection with us president Trump.
The White House said in a 22 day statement that it will temporarily exempt from tariffs on steel and aluminum for EU, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Korea and other economies. In addition to economies in the exemption list, the United States announced earlier this month the steel aluminum tariffs on March 23rd onwards.
The White House statement says the exemptions will end in May 1st of this year. In the meantime, the United States will consult with these economies to deal with the global problem of overcapacity for steel and aluminum. According to the consultations, President Trump will decide in May 1st whether to continue to be exempt.
It is reported that Brazil's export of steel to the United States is very large, in 2017, it exported 5 million tons of steel to the United States. 4 million of them are semi-finished products, which are mainly used for the production of vehicles, mechanical products or electrical appliances.
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