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Cold-drawn carbon seamless steel pipe quality inspection standards and operation process

Date:2018-03-30    View:831      Tag:Cold-drawn carbon seamless steel pipe quality inspection standards and operation process
The quality inspection standards and operating procedures for cold-drawn carbon seamless steel tube are as follows:
The characteristics of cold drawn tube production are from input to finished product, which is usually produced through some cold deformation work hardening, through a large number of preparatory processes and deformation process, so that the entire production process, with the characteristics of reciprocating cycle, and thus more processes, production The long cycle, metal consumption, low production efficiency, production scale are generally not large.

Cold rolling, cold drawing, cold rolling and cold drawing combined cold processing methods are a combination of producing a complete set of equipment, which is a hot rolling tube or a deep processing unit of a welded tube.

According to the metal processing performance, pipe size, quality requirements and investment and efficiency, choose different processing methods and the corresponding auxiliary process. The basic process of cold-rolled cold drawn tubes is:
(1) Pipe supply of pipes, hot-rolled pipes, semi-finished pipes, extruded pipes, welded pipes;
(2) Preparation of pipelines, including inspection, binding, pickling, washing, washing, drying and coating of lubricants;
(3) cold (cold or cold drawn);
(4) Finished products processing includes heat treatment, straightening, sampling, cutting head and tail, inspection (manual inspection and various tests), hydraulic test, oil, packaging, storage, etc. The content of different products.
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