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SA 213 Boiler Tube

Date:2018-05-02    View:918      Tag:SA 213 Boiler Tube
SA 213 Standard Specification for Seamless Ferritic and austenitic alloy steel boilers, superheater and heat exchanger tubes.

1. surface state:
The austenitic stainless steel pipes should be cleaned and descaled. When using bright annealing, no pickling is necessary.

2. chemical analysis of finished products:
The analysis should be made from a tube or a pipe for each furnace, and the corresponding chemical composition should conform to the prescribed requirements.

3. mechanical testing and granularity:
(1) tensile test: if each batch of steel pipe is less than 50, then the tensile test is carried out, and each batch of steel pipe > 50, then two samples of two steel pipes should be drawn for tensile test.
(2) flattening test: a flat test is carried out at each end of each test tube, but the root can not be used as a combustion sample.
(3) flaring test: flaring test is carried out in each batch of finished product tube at both ends of the sample, but the root canal can not be used as a leveling sample.
(4) hardness test: Brinell or Rockwell hardness test from two test tubes on each batch.
(5) hydrostatic test: each pipe should be subjected to hydraulic pressure test. Nondestructive testing can be used when the buyer is assigned.
(6) granularity: test according to ASME E112 standard.
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