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Economic Benefit of Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe

Date:2018-05-11    View:881      Tag:Economic Benefit of Aluminum Alloy Drill Pipe
The economic benefits of aluminum alloy drill pipe are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1) obtaining high technical and economic benefits. Although the investment recovery period is relatively long, it is more competitive than steel drill pipe.

The drilling time is shortened, and there is no special requirement for the drilling machine.

(3) aluminum drill pipe is mainly used for drilling deeper than 2km, and drilling for a long time can improve mechanical drilling indexes. The increase in the material of the depreciation tube can be made up by reducing the operation time.

4. Lighten the weight of drilling equipment, save material and transportation cost, and reduce the maintenance and production cost of drilling rigs.

Low cost of aluminum drill rod and long service life.
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