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US tinplate prices may rise by 30% to 50%

Date:2018-07-27    View:1254      Tag:US tinplate prices may rise by 30% to 50%

According to foreign media reports, US steel prices seem to be affected by 232 tariffs, tinplate prices are rising sharply, and tinplate manufacturers will reflect price increases in negotiations with customers in 2019.

It is reported that since the price of hot rolled strip of raw materials for tinplate production has increased, the price of tinplate in the United States has increased by more than $350/ton since last year. US tinplate manufacturers will begin negotiations with customers on prices starting in 2019 this fall. They will require a 50% price increase when the tinplate price is at a high market level and a 30% price increase when it is at a low market level, which is in line with the price increase of hot rolled products.
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