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China's galvanized seamless steel pipe industry is in urgent need of "de" and product quality

Date:2018-12-14    View:664      Tag:China's galvanized seamless steel pipe industry is in urgent need of "de" and product quality

     According to the latest market report, the domestic galvanized seamless steel pipe spot steel market is still rising, and the average weekly increase in the most recent week is about 1.35%. The galvanized seamless steel pipe has continued to strengthen since July; the ex-factory price of steel mills has risen and the prices of raw materials have risen steadily; the “environmental storms” in some regions of China have shown signs of substantial advancement, all of which directly contribute to the domestic spot steel market. The role. Only after the steel price rose, the transactions in some markets slipped, and cautious merchants began to cash in, and some of the quotations gradually stabilized.

     The galvanized seamless steel pipe has once again returned to the oscillating pattern, and today the steel market fluctuates within a narrow range. Construction steel and cold-rolled coils fell slightly, and hot-rolled coils and plate were slightly stronger. After yesterday's sharp increase, the stock market has weakened the continuation of US stocks, and the violent brother has not used his fists again. The long-term electronic disk continued to continue the situation of strong shocks. However, rebar futures have made a small breakthrough today, and the closing rate has finally broken a single digit. The 1401 contract closed up 28, while the current moving average is strong, and the short-term uptrend is expected, which will also drive the spot market to show certain rise. In addition, the recent macro-inside news inside and outside is also warmer overall. The Fed’s statement was loose, and the European and British central banks also maintained low interest rates. In addition, the domestic manufacturing sentiment index rebounded and the willingness to stabilize growth, the overweight of monetary policy and fiscal policy made the current steel market change. The situation will be interpreted again.

     According to analysis, in the plate market, the uptrend continued. The increase of galvanized seamless steel pipe has been enlarged, but the market transaction is not ideal. It is difficult for merchants to ship, and some merchants with more inventory resources have room for negotiation in actual transaction. The market conditions of downstream industries such as shipbuilding are still not satisfactory, and the demand for related steel products is still relatively light. The market quotation of galvanized steel pipes in some areas has tended to be loose. The overall market for hot-rolled coils continues to rise. However, the comparison has shown signs of a high level of recovery. In the major markets monitored by the institutions, the latest increase in the price per ton has not exceeded 100 yuan. Compared with the same period of last year, the average price of hot coils in major markets fell by nearly 300 yuan per ton, and the individual market fell even more than 400 yuan. The relevant export orders of some steel mills are relatively abundant, which has more or less reduced the pressure on the domestic steel market. The hot rolled mill ex-factory prices of leading steel mills such as Angang and Shougang opened in August. However, some cautious businesses have begun to cash in, in order to find a bag.

     In the construction steel market, the uptrend is expanding, and the market in Guangzhou and Lanzhou is more obvious. The latest ton price increase is between 100 yuan and 140 yuan. However, there is a similar phenomenon: as the price goes up, the volume of sales shrinks, and some merchants' confidence in the market outlook is declining, and the quotation tends to be flat. The prices of raw materials such as iron ore directly related to steel prices are also rising steadily. According to relevant reports, billets and iron ore were active and prices continued to rise; coal and coke prices stopped falling and stabilized. At present, the profitability of many steel mills in China has improved. In the short term, there may be “replenishment” in raw materials. The demand for raw materials is relatively strong, and the price of galvanized seamless steel pipes may rise steadily. The local market demand has been significantly weakened, the overall market price continues to decline weakly; and because the current merchants' willingness to ship is not the same as the market price is very confusing, some merchants are not eager to ship, mainly busy at the end of the year, the work offer is still high, but it is basically difficult The transaction; there are also new business to the northern steel mill resources due to lower costs and eager to sell market prices continue to decline; overall, affected by some low-cost resources in the steel pipe market, the overall trend continues to decline. However, as most of the businesses will be on holiday from next week, the market will also be "priceless and no market" status.

The galvanized steel pipe plant comprehensively reported that export difficulties were difficult to increase, and resources were returned to the country to increase supply pressure in the Chinese market. Recently, China's steel prices have risen, China's steel export quotation advantage has been weakened to avoid peaks and valleys, and due to frequent ups and downs in the era of low profits, in the Chinese market, the trend, many export companies have taken measures to cope with market risks. In 2015, China's steel prices fell all the way, the situation was severe due to the low price advantage and business risk, and the high export profit driven China's export record high, 11.24 billion tons of steel exports, an increase of 19.9% After crude steel, it accounted for 14.9% of crude steel production during the same period. The increase in exports caused by the increase in friction with trade has also increased the resistance of steel exports at a later stage. Analysis of statistics, in the first quarter of 2016 has eased, other Chinese or regional Chinese steel products launched 11 trade relief to understand structural adjustment, only 4 in 2015 from the same period. Recently, India, South Korea, the European Union and other China and regions have become more and more aware of China's steel import measures. The Indian government has decided to further expand the tax protection of imported alloys and non-alloy hot rolled coils by 20%. Since February 5, it has been implemented. Minimum import offer (MIP) program operating income, covering 173 kinds of steel products during the six-month period, accounting for about 80% of imported steel. On March 16, the European Commission issued “Maintaining Sustainable Employment and Growth in the European Steel Industry”. The EU will adopt further trade remedy measures and preferential import supervision on the basis of 37 anti-dumping and countervailing measures on imported steel products. Measures. Since 2006, the EU's steel trade protection measures have been subject to two restrictions and continue to strengthen. The EU has adopted 37 anti-dumping and countervailing measures against imported steel products, including 16 Chinese steel products. From the recent situation, nearly 15% of the steel export resources are not optimistic, the digestion or situation of China's supply will decline in 2016, and the return of China's resources will increase the supply pressure in the Chinese market.

   2016 China's economy is still facing a large downward pressure. Although China's “overweight” continues to introduce measures to steadily increase galvanized steel pipes, but from the perspective of overall Chinese demand, resources are tightening galvanized steel pipes, due to the slowdown in China's economic growth, units The steel consumption intensity of China's GDP decline, 2016 is an inevitable trend of China's steel demand decline. China Iron and Steel Association, based on crude steel consumption intensity analysis and downstream industry analysis and analysis, is expected to reduce crude oil consumption by 5% - 4% in 2016. From the recent performance of the market has greatly increased, after the surge in the early stage of the baptism, the steel market gradually returned to rational creation of value, market transactions in general. The contradiction between the supply and demand of the market still exists. In the early release of the demand economy, the previous quotation rose, resulting in a slight correction in the short-term demand weakening. The first quarter surged in advance. The market will face greater correction pressure in the second quarter.
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