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Polyurethane seamless insulation steel pipe

Date:2018-12-24    View:833      Tag:Polyurethane seamless insulation steel pipe

         The prefabricated polyurethane direct buried thermal insulation pipe not only has the advanced technology and practical performance which are difficult to compare with the traditional trench and overhead laying pipeline, but also has significant social and economic benefits, and is also a powerful measure for heating energy saving. The adoption of direct buried heating pipeline technology indicates that the development of China's heating pipeline technology has entered a new starting point. With the further improvement and development of this advanced technology, it is imperative to directly replace the trench and overhead of the heating pipeline.

1 It has strong corrosion and water resistance, and the overall cost is low. 
According to the calculation of relevant departments, the double-control heating pipeline can generally reduce the construction cost by 25% (using FRP as protective layer) and 10% (using high Density polyethylene is used as a protective layer). 
2 Low heat loss and energy saving. The heat loss is only 25% of the traditional pipe. The 
thermal conductivity of the buried pipe is 0.022kcal/mh °C. The drip rate is 0.03kg/ 
cm3. 3 Long service life The 
correct installation and use can make the pipe network life reach 30-50 years, and the maintenance cost Very low. 
4 Less land occupation is more conducive to environmental protection. It 
can reduce the excavation volume of earth by more than 50% and reduce the masonry and concrete volume by 90%.

Polyurethane insulation pipe referred to as "tube-in-tube" or "sleeve tube" is the excellent adhesion of polyurethane foam. When foaming, the polyethylene shell or FRP shell and rigid polyurethane foam and steel pipe are skillfully combined into a whole structure. Composite tube.

Because this tube has better thermal insulation performance, waterproofing, anti-corrosion, long service life and simple construction than other structures, it is recognized as an ideal thermal insulation material at home and abroad. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, our company is responsible for on-site construction for users.

The polyurethane direct-buried insulation pipe has a good anti-corrosion effect because the polyurethane rigid foam insulation layer is tightly bonded to the outer skin of the steel pipe to insulate the penetration of air and water.

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