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Ladle add TiN nanoparticles optimization Q345C steel production process test

Date:2018-12-25    View:1002      Tag:Ladle add TiN nanoparticles optimization Q345C steel production process test
Grain refinement is also an effective way to improve strength and toughness of steel, the method of fine grains are mainly deformation processing and chemical add 2 broad categories, deformation processing method in the field of iron and steel production is mainly fine grains by controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology;Chemical adding method is achieved by adding ultrafine particles into the steel grain refinement.Wang Guocheng is added in the steel, such as Al2O3 nano powder particle size is 120 nm, improves the strength of steel and impact toughness at room temperature, refining the non-metallic inclusions.Chemical addition method applied in the iron and steel production is not much, mostly in the stage of laboratory research.Shandong iron and steel co., LTD., the scholars in order to optimize the Q345C steel production process, without changing Q345B steel steelmaking and rolling process under the premise of original of Q345B steel ladle add TiN nanoparticles Q345C steel production test, studied the different TiN nanoparticles add quantity of Q345 steel mechanical properties and microstructure.The results show that the Q345B ladle add 0.05% mass fraction of TiN nanoparticles production test steel mechanical properties can meet the requirement of Q345C steel, improve the Q345C steel rolling production efficiency more than 20%.Add mass fraction 0.05% TiN nanoparticles test steel grain size of 8 ~ 10, a certain degree of grain size, TiN particles state of pure substances exist in the Q345 steel, played a part in the steel heterogeneous nucleation and the pinning effect.
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