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20cr seamless steel pipe industry should improve environmental management level

Date:2018-12-27    View:858      Tag:20cr seamless steel pipe industry should improve environmental management level

   2018 is the first year of the second phase of the Blue Sky Defence War. The 20cr seamless steel pipe industry is one of the main battlefields for the battle against atmospheric pollution. Implementing ultra-low emissions is the top priority of this battle. The 2018 (ninth) China Steel Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Forum, hosted by the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, was held in Beijing. Liu Zhenjiang, secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary General of China Iron and Steel Association, pointed out in his speech that today, after entering high-quality development, eco-environmental governance has been incorporated into the national strategy, and the Party Central Committee and the State Council have comprehensively strengthened ecological environmental protection with high standards and strictest requirements. Resolutely lay a good job in the prevention and control of pollution prevention and control, we must adhere to the problem-oriented, not only to understand the outstanding problems of environmental protection, but also to pay attention to and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in environmental protection.

    Li Xinchuang, dean of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, believes that China's ecological civilization construction is at the threshold of “critical period, tackling period, window period” and “three phases of superposition”. The environmental protection work has really entered the deep water area, and the task is still very heavy. The Chinese steel industry can only achieve high quality development by clinching its teeth and climbing over this slope.

    The construction of ecological civilization is "three-phase superposition"

    Li Xinchuang introduced that at present, the construction of ecological civilization has been upgraded to an unprecedented height. As China's industrialization and urbanization have not yet been completed, resource and energy consumption continues to grow, and pollutant emissions are still at a high level.

    First, the ecological civilization construction is facing the pressure of increasing production costs, the relocation of urban steel mills, and the increasing requirements for environmental protection. It is in the “critical period” of pressure superposition and weight-bearing advancement.

    Second, although the environmental protection work of China's 20cr seamless steel pipe industry has made positive progress, the emission of sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and other pollutants per ton of steel has dropped by more than 60%, but due to the large output of Chinese steel, the industry emits sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. The volume ranks third, third and first in all industrial sectors, and is still one of the main battlefields of the blue sky defense war. At present, the environmental problems that China's steel industry can easily solve are basically solved. Then the air pollution prevention and control work in the steel industry has just entered the deep water area: the industrial structure and industrial layout need to be adjusted, the process flow and energy structure need to be optimized, and the transportation structure needs to be transformed. The level of environmental protection and management equipment needs to be upgraded, and it is in the “critical period” to provide more high-quality ecology to meet the growing ecological environment of the people.

    Third, as China's steel industry resolves excess capacity and cracks down on the release of the “strip steel” policy dividend, the benefits of steel companies have improved significantly, corporate profit levels have been guaranteed, and sufficient funds have been implemented to implement environmental protection facilities and process upgrades. A “window period” that has the ability to solve outstanding problems in the ecological environment.

    Li Xinchuang emphasized that at present, the conditions for deepening industrial restructuring, energy structure adjustment and traffic structure adjustment in China's 20cr seamless steel pipe industry are basically mature. If the current favorable opportunities cannot be grasped, it will inevitably lead to unfair competition in the environmental protection field of the steel industry. As a result, the living space of advanced enterprises is squeezed out, bad money drives out good money, and the image of the steel industry is ruined. This will definitely be a disaster for the Chinese steel industry as a whole. 
    In the future, some steel companies will withdraw from the market.

    At present, environmental protection is one of the main factors for the government, the public, downstream manufacturers and market institutions to judge the health status and potential and risks of enterprises. The basics are equal to the factors of quality, profit, scale and technological advancement, and become the “three major pieces”. "The ruler and must." Li Xinchuang introduced that under the new environmental assessment mechanism, local governments are no longer the “protective umbrella” of enterprises. Environmental pressure will be transmitted to enterprises and become the main body of environmental responsibility. Seamless steel pipe enterprises will face severe environmental challenges. At present, China has Baosteel, Taigang and other enterprises that have reached the world's advanced level, and Yanhuan, which has the first to achieve ultra-low emission of sintering flue gas, but there are also a number of backward enterprises with serious pollution and weak environmental awareness. It is precisely because of the huge differences that policies such as production suspension, production restriction, and capacity reduction cannot be “one size fits all” and must be “differentiated”.

    Li Xinchuang explained that China's steel industry has entered a period of reduced development. In the future, some steel companies will inevitably withdraw. In particular, the “differentiated” environmental protection policy will force steel companies with backward environmental protection to withdraw from the market. Under the guidance of the “differentiated” environmental protection policy, the resolution of excess capacity and the suspension of production will be linked to the level of environmental protection. The idea that “everyone is similar” and “the law is not responsible” is not in line with the current environmental protection situation; When the "red line", when the "bottom line", but to the environmental protection as "leading."

    The 2017 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Surrounding Area Air Pollution Prevention and Control Work Plan clearly states that the steel industry heating season should implement differentiated stop-and-limit production measures in accordance with the company's environmental performance, and the “differentiation” policy in 2018 will be further deepened. Li Xinchuang believes that environmental protection is not just an investment. Environmental protection can produce tangible benefits: First, environmental protection can enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises, and second, environmental protection can reduce the environmental taxes paid, reduce environmental fines, and reduce production limits. The huge losses brought about, therefore, environmental protection work has to be done early and late, it is better to do it later. Under the new environmental protection situation, Chinese steel companies can only achieve a space for survival and development by implementing a lean environmental protection strategy, improving environmental protection work, and striving for a “green development benchmarking enterprise”.

    Should actively promote the level of environmental management

    In fact, China's ecological civilization construction has formed an administrative system marked by the smooth establishment of the pressure transmission mechanism, a social action system marked by rewards and punishments, and a social information system characterized by true and comprehensive comparison. Environmental governance The requirements are becoming more and more refined and more comprehensive; the environmental management is becoming more and more strict, the accuracy, precision and law enforcement of law enforcement are obviously improved, and it is more humanized, standardized and legalized; the environmental information of enterprises is becoming more and more transparent, and the application is concerned. More and more; the difference between the law-abiding performance and the environmental performance of the enterprise will have a substantial impact on the company's production and operation and corporate reputation. It is a huge challenge for enterprises, but it is also a greater opportunity. Seamless steel pipe enterprises should vigorously improve environmental performance and level from the aspects of emissions and product quality.

    Longchuan analysts said that the 20cr seamless steel pipe industry is an important industry for carbon emissions and one of the first eight key emission industries to be included in the national carbon emissions trading market. At present, the three industries of electricity, cement and electrolytic aluminum have announced carbon allocation schemes, which will take the lead in entering the carbon trading market. The steel industry is at a critical stage in the promotion of the carbon market, and the market-oriented mechanism will play a greater role. China's iron and steel enterprises should take the initiative to improve the level of environmental protection management through the following measures: First, before the new sewage discharge permit has been fully implemented, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the discharge permit, actively check for missing leaks, so as to fully meet the licensing requirements and avoid environmental violations. Second, strictly implement the account book records, self-monitoring specific requirements, and provide a strong basis for self-certification and law-abiding in the future; third, through the application of quarterly reports and annual reports, comprehensively grasp the company's emissions and understand the true environmental protection level of 20cr seamless steel pipe enterprises; Self-pressurization, implementation of high-level environmental protection, reducing the total amount of emissions, combined with the "Environmental Tax Law" to enjoy tax relief.

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