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High Frequency Welding Machine

Date:2019-01-09    View:1210      Tag:High Frequency Welding Machine
High-frequency welding machines can be used for the welding of metal pipes, such as: copper pipes, brass, brass and steel pipes, steel pipes and steel pipes, steel pipes, cast iron pipes, copper pipes, iron pipes, iron pipes, iron pipes, copper pipes, aluminum pipes ,Steel pipe, aluminum alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy pipe butt welding, welding, welding, etc., welding metal pipe (silver welded ring recommended welding) advantages:
1, induction heating speed, high efficiency.
2, compared with oxygen welding, energy saving, low cost.
3, the oxidation area is small.
4, after welding, the appearance of delicate, solid, full.
5, uniform heating, welding and welding spots
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