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ASTM A105's material analysis

Date:2019-01-10    View:776      Tag:ASTM A105's material analysis
A105 is the American ASTM standard number, and A stands for ordinary carbon structural steel. Standard name: Carbon steel forgings for pipe parts. Because this standard only specifies a carbon steel forging, A105 is also a forging carbon steel grade. A105 is also a material code, belonging to special steel, is a cold forged steel. A105 is a low carbon steel forging similar to 20 steel. There are two standards, one is the American standard "ASTM A105/A105M carbon steel forgings for pipeline components", and the second is the Chinese standard "GB/T12228-2006 general valve carbon steel forgings technical conditions". Material Grade: A105 Standard: ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Forgings for Pipeline Parts Country: USA Steel Group: Structural Steel Control: 1.0402 European Union / EN Compare 1.0406 European Union / EN Compare 1.0477 European Union / EN Compare 1.0478 European Union / EN Compare 1.0501 European Union / EN Compare

Note: In the pipeline system, it is generally possible to replace the 20th, but the 20th cannot completely replace the A105 because the difference in strength is still large. However, the ACC resistance to SCC is slightly worse than that of the 20th.

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