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The latest small-diameter seamless steel pipe market trend

Date:2019-02-10    View:706      Tag:The latest small-diameter seamless steel pipe market trend
The current cost of capital is down. Compared with the cost of capital that was priced at 1-2 a month last year, the borrowing costs of traders have now declined. Although the financial pressure has improved, the current economic outlook is not optimistic, and the seamless pipe in East China ,Small-diameter seamless steel pipes and seamless steel pipes are at a low level.

The seamless steel pipe market is experiencing a period of pain, and the capital market may respond faster to loose expectations, but the seamless pipe, small-diameter seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe market still depends on the real demand, and the traders are expected to stock up. The times have passed. Under loose expectations, funds may enter some downstream industries of seamless steel pipes, which will drive up the price of steel, but this process takes time. In the short term, seamless pipes, small-diameter seamless steel pipes, and seamless steel pipe prices will be low. Consolidation is dominant.

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