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Q345 I-beam prices play a role in promoting the continued recovery of the steel market in the later

Date:2019-02-26    View:657      Tag:Q345 I-beam prices play a role in promoting the continued recovery of the steel market in the later
 The steel market continued its rebound last week. In addition to the weak and weak market, other major varieties of construction steel continued to rise. As the traditional terminal replenishment demand started before the Ching Ming Festival, the steel market transaction improved. However, in the second half of the week, after the steel price continued to rise and the demand for short-term replenishment of the terminal weakened, the situation of steady price decline also appeared. After a narrow period of consolidation in the previous period, the confidence of the domestic market has been adjusted. At this stage, although the weather factors are poor, especially in the north, the outdoor meeting schedule is almost stagnant. However, according to the observation data, we can see that in the past two weeks, the key cities in China are in the warming phase, and the prices are gradually rising, but most of the steel mills. The ex-factory price of the steel mill is in a flat state, and the ex-factory price is near the bottom. The author believes that merchants face a low price of ex-factory prices and a gradual recovery of social prices, or may launch a small-scale winter storage phenomenon, which is also the reason for the continued decline in social inventory. From the aspect of social inventory, we know that the steel traders have insufficient supply, some specifications are out of stock, and at the same time, they are in the middle of the month. The capital pressure has eased slightly. At the same time, the raw material prices have been in a stable and volatile process, and the merchants are willing to pull up. Merchants' traditional psychology, "buy up and not buy down" may provide a driving force for the release of downstream demand, Q345 I-beam priceIt will promote the continuation of the recovery of the steel market in the later period. The price of greenhouse pipes is full of confidence in the huge dividends released by the reforms in the future. This week, the specific measures and plans for the urbanization of the new city will also meet with the public. The improvement will continue to generate huge steel demand, which will help boost the steel market. confidence. At the same time, the state's efforts on environmental protection governance continue to increase, and the steel industry is the focus of attention. Therefore, the author believes that the expectations of the steel market in the later period are better. From the perspective of raw materials, the price of imported iron ore has been narrowly consolidating recently, and the prices of domestic mines and scrap steel are also the same; maintaining a weak steady state, merchants are not optimistic about the market outlook of coal char and alloys, and generally believe that their prices remain flat. Or the chance of a small decline is greater. Recently, most of the steel enterprises' raw materials replenishment awareness is not strong, and the total inventory resources are kept at the middle and lower limits, thereby avoiding market risks and reducing capital pressure. The price of each subway dropped by 30-80 yuan/ton this month. The market pessimism spread. Will the iron market fall into the dilemma of "golden three" and no silver? From the perspective of cost, the bottoming process of iron ore and coke market is still not over, and it is difficult to get out of the sharp rebound in the short term. The price of pig iron will be lack of cost support for a long time. From the perspective of demand, after the steel market experienced a big decline and stabilized, the profit level of steel mills has not improved. The lack of funds is still the main reason for restricting the purchase of pig iron by steel mills. At present, steel mills choose to purchase scrap steel instead of steel pig iron. The purchase of pig iron has been continuously compressed, and the northern steel mills have even stopped purchasing, and the market trading atmosphere is sluggish. 
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