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What is a petroleum steel pipe?

Date:2019-02-28    View:795      Tag:What is a petroleum steel pipe?
What is a petroleum steel pipe? The petroleum steel pipe is a long steel with a hollow section and no joints around, and the petroleum cracking pipe is an economical section steel.
Role: Widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automotive drive shafts, bicycle frames and steel scaffolding used in construction. The use of petroleum cracking tubes to manufacture ring-shaped parts can improve material utilization, simplify manufacturing processes, save materials and processing man-hours, such as rolling bearing rings, jack sleeves, etc., and have been widely used in steel pipes. Petroleum cracking tubes are also indispensable materials for various conventional weapons. Gun barrels and barrels must be made of petroleum cracking tubes. Petroleum cracking tubes can be divided into round tubes and shaped tubes according to the shape of the cross-sectional area. Since the area of the petroleum cracking tube is the largest under the condition of equal circumference, more fluid can be transported by the circular tube.
Petroleum steel pipe. It is divided into steel grades such as K55, N80, L80 and P110.
Tubing J55 (37Mn5)
Casing J55 (37Mn5)
Coupling tube J55 (37Mn5)
Petroleum steel pipe (GB/T9948-88) is a seamless pipe for furnace tubes, heat exchangers and pipes for petroleum refineries.
The geological drilling steel pipe (YB235-70) is a steel pipe used for geological drilling by the geological department. It can be divided into drill pipe, drill collar, core pipe, casing and sedimentation pipe according to the application.
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