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Precautions for Installation of Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2018-03-27    View:901      Tag:Precautions for Installation of Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe
(1) Carbon seamless pipe should be carefully installed and carefully inspected to ensure the quality of pipes and pipes.

Check factory and fittings factory certificates, quality certificates or test records, test records and other technical data, and comply with current national standards.
Check whether the quality signs of pipes, fittings and expansion joints comply with the technical documents and the current national standards. If there is any problem, replace or take action.
Check the external surface quality of pipes and fittings. The wall thickness should meet the national standards. Ellipticity must not exceed the specified range. No cracks, no shrinkage, no slag, no folding, no heavy skin, no blisters, no pinholes, no more than local pit thickness tolerances, no bumps and other quality problems, and no serious corrosion of the pipe and pipe surface and pipe fittings qualified.

(2) When the surface of the tube is less rust, the hand rust of the tube cannot be used. Generally, the hand rust is rubbed with a wire brush, silk cloth, emery cloth, etc. to remove the rust on the surface of the tube, and then wipe the cotton yarn to wipe or clean it. The surface of the pipe shows a metallic luster.

(3) When there are many rusts on the surface of the pipeline, there are a large number of pipelines. Mechanical rust removal or sandblasting or rust removal is generally used. Rust removal is usually performed using sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid.

(4) The anti-rust paint on the surface of the brush tube should be selected according to the design requirements, commonly used red rust paint, epoxy paint, etc. The surface finish is generally mixed paint.

Before painting, clean dust, dirt, burrs, oil, and water on the pipe surface. The brush should be uniform, no leakage, after the paint is qualified, it adheres firmly, there is no flaking, no wrinkles, no bubbles, no leakage coating, no damage and other defects.
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