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EFW (Electric Fusion Welding) Steel Pipe

Date:2018-01-18    View:2258      Tag:EFW (Electric Fusion Welding) Steel Pipe
EFW (Electrofusion welding) steel pipe is electron beam welding, directed impact kinetic energy electron beam, the use of high-speed movement into a hot workpiece to leave the workpiece melting, the formation of the weld. EFW pipes are formed from hot-rolled plates and welded welds. Welding flashes can be removed from the outside or inside using the caulking blade surface. Welding zone can also be heat treatment, so that the weld is not visible. Welded tubes generally have tighter dimensional tolerances than seamless tubes, and if made in the same amount, the cost is lower. Mainly used for dissimilar steel welding sheet or high power density welding, metal welding parts can be quickly heated to high temperatures, melting any refractory metals and alloys. Deep melting welding speed, heat-affected zone is very small, so the impact on the joint performance is small, the joint is almost no deformation. But it has special welding room requirements because of the use of X-ray welding.

To achieve steel pipe manufacturing machine:
Combined with specially designed equipment 1600mt bending machine, multi-roll plate bending machine, welding equipment, internal and external girth welding, size setting machine, solution annealing furnace and a series of other related machinery, is used to manufacture key applications Such as oil refining, fertilizer, LNG terminal pipelines, transnational pipelines.

EFW pipe standard: ASTM a672
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