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Galvanized insulated steel pipe

Date:2018-06-25    View:888      Tag:Galvanized insulated steel pipe
Requirements for the use of galvanized insulated steel pipes for buildings:
1, galvanized insulated steel pipes are used for long-distance transportation of natural gas and high pressure pipes.

2. in order to prevent corrosion, the pole protection testing station is usually set in dozens of kilometers to 100 kilometers in long distance transportation. The instrument produces cathodic electron filling pipe in the station, and the zinc plating surface is conductive to rust prevention. The pipe is charged evenly.

3, in order to prevent the loss of cathodic electrons in the pipeline, the galvanized pipe is filled with electric tannin (mixture of bitumen and quartz powder) and kraft paper, two oil two paper or three oil before installation. When the head is welded, it should be treated equally. The insulation resistance should not be less than 0.5Mn, and check whether the pipeline is breakdown by low voltage 380V / 220V.

4. on the side of the gas pipeline, with a distance of 50cm, a few tens of meters of galvanized pipe grounding tape are laid in the same groove, and the galvanized iron strip is introduced into the test station.

5. if the gas or gas leaks and breaks through the insulating layer under pressure, the electrons enter the ground, return to the area and enter the testing instrument, and immediately reflect it from the instrument. The leaking distance and location of pipe faults can be organized to repair manpower.
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