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Pipeline system

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Livable cities generally have two pipeline systems that supply water pipes and sewage sewer system, also known as the third set of piping systems in the pipeline system, is a water supply system, sewage together, after purification treatment, continue to apply as a living miscellaneous water supply system. United States, Japan, India, Russia have established a municipal wastewater reuse system.


The main role of the pipeline systems

The main pipeline is serving as a guide, the liquid material discharged through a conduit to the designated location. And a complete piping system is very complex, and which relate to the physical mechanics of how the discharge pipe to achieve the best results, the pipeline will not be damaged by objects on the ground. How to achieve the fastest possible connection pipe velocity and so on.

The main types of piping systems tests
1. Pressure test: the test liquid or gaseous medium, the pipeline system gradually pressurized to test pressure specified for strength test and tightness of the duct system. For example: a water pipeline total length of 1 600m, the entire pipeline laying double pipes with grooves. Pressure test using water injection pressure of 1.0MPa, segment length principle, more than 1km.

2, Vacuum test: the piping system is evacuated, so that a negative pressure inside the pipe system. In piping systems within the specified time pressurization rate, tightness testing of piping systems. For example: the design pressure greater than 1 MPa fluid conduit valve each case needs to be pressure test and seal test, failure is not allowed. Design pressure less than 1 MPa fluid conduit valve checks 10% test, such as failure to redouble checks, still failed, the batch of valves can not be used.

3, Leakage test: the gas is a test medium, at the design pressure, the use of blowing agents, coloring agents, gas molecules sensing instrument or other special means, etc., check the piping system leaks.

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