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Method of seamless casing

Date:2018-06-25    View:1172      Tag:Method of seamless casing
At present, many oil companies are maintaining seamless sleeves for oil and are not allowed to wear wear-resistant belts. Many drilling companies have thought of many ways to remove tungsten carbide from drill pipes and remove wear zones. Due to various reasons, the quality of the wear-resistant belt is inevitably not ideal and needs to be re welded during the welding process of the wear-resistant belt. The previous measure is to stop grinding the portable grinder, which is time-consuming and inefficient. In order to protect professional and technical personnel from analyzing and discussing, a drill pipe wear-resistant belt automatic cleaning equipment was developed. In the process of operation, just turn off the power supply, the drill pipe is transferred to the drill pipe transmission line, and the transmission line is automatically activated according to the editing sequence. When the drill pipe is in place, the transmission line is stopped and the oil cylinder is automatically placed with transmission lines. The control button is used to tighten the task through the electric chuck. Under sequential control, the switches are activated in sequence, and the gas supply, cooling water supply and axial movement are all tightened. After the radial movement is finished, after the cutting is completed, under the programmable control, the air supply is tightened and the cooling water is supplied to the axial movement. The radial displacement stops and automatically reset. The transmission line resists the drill rod to fall off. After the cylinder is automatically closed, the drill rod is pulled out, the automatic control process is finished, and the use of the equipment will greatly improve the drill rod. The removal quality of wear-resistant belt increases the workload of workers.

Seamless casing is an important equipment for oil drilling. It is also the other equipment of drilling and drilling, core pipe, casing, drilling, small diameter drilling casing and so on. The support of the borehole ensures that the drilling process stops and the well is fully operated after completion. Therefore, processing oil drilling to eliminate the problem of wear-resistant drill rod, it is difficult to dismantle the drill rod joint performance when the external wear belt is difficult to disassemble, the operation is complicated and safe, the degree of automation is high, the joint efficiency is high, and the cutting is clean. For a wide range of pipe diameter, the music tone is small, and the use of oil sleeve will not clean the environment, equipment debugging is also very convenient.
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