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Seamless tube for heat exchanger

Date:2018-06-20    View:1364      Tag:Seamless tube for heat exchanger
The seamless tube used for heat exchanger is one of the components of the heat exchanger, and is placed in the cylinder for exchanging heat between the two media. It has high thermal conductivity and good isothermal properties. It is a device that can quickly transfer heat from one point to another, with little heat loss, so it is called a heat transfer superconductor, which has a thermal conductivity of several thousand times copper.

In addition to seamless tubes, heat exchangers can also use various enhanced heat transfer tubes, such as finned tubes, threaded pipes, spiral grooved tubes, etc. When the heat transfer coefficient on both sides of tube inner diameter is very different, fins of fin tube should be placed on one side with low heating coefficient.

The commonly used dimensions of the heat transfer tubes (outer diameter * wall thickness) are mainly 19mmx2mm, 25mmx2.5mm and 38mmx2.5mm seamless steel tubes, 25mmx2mm and 38mmx2.5mm stainless steel tubes. The standard length is 1.5,2.0,3.0,4.5,6.0,9.0m and so on. The use of small diameter can increase the heat transfer area per unit volume, compact structure, reduce metal consumption and increase heat transfer coefficient. It is estimated that the heat exchange tube of the same diameter heat exchanger can be changed from 25mm to 19mm, the heat transfer area can be increased by about 40%, and the metal can be saved by more than 20%. But the fluid resistance is small, it is not easy to clean, easy to plug. Large diameter pipes are usually used for highly viscous or dirty fluids. Small diameter pipes are used for cleaning fluids.
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