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Seamless welding

Date:2018-01-19    View:925      Tag:Seamless welding
Seamless welding can use different gas types, the specific circumstances of gas welding, the use of shielding gas carbon dioxide, argon, helium, hydrogen and gas mixture. Advantage of melting gas welding is: linear arc is good, simple and easy to achieve all-position welding and automatic welding; arc heat concentration, small bath, welding speed, heat-affected zone is small, welding deformation, cracking ability and good welding quality. The disadvantage is not in the wind welding site, arc radiation strong.

Seamless soldering technology, soldering equipment is a device that functions through a transistor current of 50 or 60Hz at frequencies of 20kHz or 40kHz for high frequency power converters. Mechanical vibration welding head directly to the acoustic equipment requires laminated products. The heat generated by vibrational friction melts the plastic welding workpiece and vibrates through the adhesive surface, but its strength is close to that of a welding material.

Seamless welding technology not only helps to eliminate mold seams, but also improves the part's accuracy, finish and appearance observability. At the same time, seamless welding technology in the injection molding process, to achieve effective control and shorten the mold processing cycle. Due to the excellent surface finish of the process products, there is no need for secondary precipitation and annealing, thus avoiding dimensional changes caused by secondary shrinkage.

The new seamless welding technology uses modern machines and some new technologies. According to the new technology requirements, processing mesh mold core and cavity, and to avoid moving the secondary clamping, the use of the fourth axis milling machine, can improve the accuracy tolerances. Cooling fin, water pipe plate has also been more widely used to further improve product quality and seamless welding finish.
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