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EFW pipe welding

Date:2018-03-26    View:1120      Tag:EFW pipe welding
EFW Pipe welding, in this process, the metal is heated by one or several consumable electrodes and heated metal workpieces. The arc fully melts the metal and filler material without the need for pressurization to work with the filler metal parts. All from the electrode. The operation flow is as follows:

According to the operating requirements of the welding wire, setting the correct welding process parameters, you can use manual or automatic two input methods.
The inspection is correct, the welding machine is started, and the welding process is entered. When the welding time, the machine will automatically enter the cooling state.
3 When the tube is completely cooled, remove the electric welder.
4 Cut the pipe with a plastic pipe cutter or a cutting device with a fine tooth saw, one end of which is perpendicular to the pipe axis. Use a knife to cut the inner edge of the hair and scrape off the weld area on the side of the tube or socket to clean the weld area.
5 It may be possible to use a special jig to fix the connecting element. The roundness of the tube should not exceed 1.5% of the tube diameter, or it should be corrected in the corresponding jig. Pipes and fittings should be suitable for clearances, and micro power insertion is generally suitable. If the clearance is too large or too small, the quality of the interface will be affected. Check the insertion depth and slide the socket connector to the end of the socket and position it correctly.
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