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Application of Antirust Varnish in Oil Pipeline

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     The basic requirement of pipeline anticorrosive layer.
      According to the production process of oil pipeline, long-distance transportation conditions, and the time deposited in the open air, antirust varnish should possess the following properties: good construction performance, safe environmental protection, quick drying;Paint film bright, transparent, do not cover the logo printing, don't cover up the steel tube surface rust state;Oil pipeline subjected to the wind, sun, rain and other environmental conditions, the influence of the rust layer should have good weatherability;In the process of loading and unloading and transportation in the oil pipeline, the devastating impact, turbulence and impact factors are rust layer should have good resistance to impact;When shipping, humid areas, rust layer should have good wet and heat resistance, salt fog resistance;Desert region, cold region in winter and summer temperature can reach 30 ~ 60 ℃, rust layer should have good thermal denaturation.

       Oil pipe production process and antirust varnish coating process.
About 11 m long seamless steel tube, after quenching and tempering, straightening, magnetic leakage testing, hydrostatic test after A side car, A server-side thread inspection, seal oil collar;B side car silk, B end thread inspection, collar seal oil, both ends with protection ring;Chain conveyor steel pipe vertically into the coating chamber, start the spray gun, 30 ~ 60 s after spray 1 tube, then code;Steel tube into the dry area, transverse translation, manual besmear ribbon, drying in dry area around 30 min, also some production line adopts low temperature bake for 15 min.Steel pipe inspection, packaging lifting into the treasury.Painting is a process of the production process. Quality of the rust layer is influenced by the fluctuation process.In the spraying process, make good anti-rust paint stored in the storage tank, by high-pressure airless spray gun or air spray gun, spraying parameters is controlled by the control.Steel tube into the spray room, open the spraying gun device, steel pipe leave, stop spraying gun device, steel tube into the dry area is dry.Spraying indoor radial distribution eight nozzles, spray room have smoke exhaust smoke exhaust system paint mist, recycling tank at the bottom of the spray chamber, recycling liquid paint.

        Oil pipeline with antirust varnish.
Quick drying, good weatherability and acid resin paint film is transparent, as film forming matter of steel pipe anticorrosive paint very well.Using modified phenolic resin, can improve the coating corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, form the strength of the light film;With modified petroleum resin, can improve the coating on the surface of the steel tube, ductility, and resistance to water, reduce the cost.Choosing and oil soluble anti-rust oil soluble corrosion inhibitor, can greatly improve the performance of the paint film to protect metal, resistance to atmospheric corrosion, thereby enhancing the antirust effect on metals.Then a single compound corrosion inhibitor corrosion inhibitor has better synergistic effect.This is because the compound corrosion inhibitor can form a multiple protective film on metal surface, so as to solve the original protective film poor safety, unequal distribution of corrosion potential defects.Solvent selection from the safety point of view of site construction line, toxicity, high flash point to smaller.

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