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seamless square tube

Date:2018-05-02    View:899      Tag:seamless square tube
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Seamless square tube has three main forming processes: hot rolling, cold drawing and welding. For the cold drawn square tube, the capacity of the local concentrated load is weak. The weld seam produced in the welding process is the weak link, which is not suitable for the construction of high grade residential buildings.

At present, cold drawing or welded pipe production is commonly used in China. The hot rolling technology is mainly used abroad, which can meet the requirements of high-end buildings. The high end hot rolled seamless square tube structure has good bearing performance, good weldability, low production cost and high production efficiency.

It is understood that because of its own structural characteristics, the hot rolled seamless square tube effectively avoids the connection between the welding defects of the column and the beam and causes the performance decline, which can obviously improve the problems of large concrete structure, large pollution and waste of resources, which have the advantages of uniform force, high dimensional precision and strong precision. High degree, good impact resistance and other properties, can improve the anti-seismic performance of high-end buildings, will be widely used in steel structure high-rise buildings, airports and other construction, become the main supporting materials in the future construction industry, the market has a broad prospect.

At present, the square seamless steel pipe has been put on the market and widely used in high-rise buildings.
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