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Advantages of Submerged Arc Welding Spiral Steel Pipe

Date:2018-01-23    View:789      Tag:Advantages of Submerged Arc Welding Spiral Steel Pipe
    In the spiral pipe production process and use, invented many excellent welding and production methods, greatly promoted the steady and rapid development of the industry, but also to optimize the development of the industry. Submerged arc welding is a newly invented welding method in 1940, which is used in the front of the place by hand welding or slag to protect it, but this is not the slag electrode coating is designed to smelt flux out. When the wire is changed, the wire and the wire are sent continuously by means of a plate and a wire feeding device. The wire is fed continuously by the Federal Reserve with the arc-welding wire covered by the particle-melting flux. The melting and the evaporation flux of the base material form a cavity, Stable, so put it submerged arc welding. The arc is buried inside the cavity. The welding hopper charging system consists of a drug delivery tube welded to the front by a second type of welding using wire as the wire can be continuously fed; Rod, a rod, we must have a burnable welding head to throw, the operation stops, and then Change electrode welding.

This method of welding has great advantages over other methods. The first advantage is fully automated. The second advantage, which is buried in arc welding, is its heat exchange and relatively strong performance guarantees, high quality The third advantage, due to the submerged arc welding buried in the flux, so it can be used for high current, welding efficiency is relatively high.

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