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Carbon steel seamless connection

Date:2018-05-21    View:906      Tag:Carbon steel seamless connection
There are many ways to connect carbon seamless steel pipe, and now several commonly used methods are listed:
a, compression type; b, live connection; c, compression; d, push; e, taper thread; f, socket welding; g, live flange connection; welding and welding and the traditional combination of the derivative Series of connections.

Different connections, because of their different production principles, their application areas are also different, but generally speaking, one thing in common is that it is convenient to install, reliable and reliable.

Here are some more common links to make a brief introduction:
1. compression: insert the tube into the pipe, fasten it with the nut, compress the mouth of the casing through the seal ring with the screw force, and seal the function, then the connecting pipe can be completed.
2. welding type: pipe end processing slope, manual or automatic welding in pipe ring welding.
3 flanges: flanges and pipes are used for TIG welding, fastened with fasteners or bolts, sealing between flanges and sealing.
4. pressure: the pipe will be loaded into the inner wall of the pipe by special installation tools to press the six corners tube, and the internal seals can also form hexagonal.
5. taper thread type: external thread and pipe used for TIG welding. The inner threaded pipe joint connects the conical thread sealing effect to complete the pipe connection.

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