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Cold drawn oil cracking pipe production

Date:2018-01-24    View:714      Tag:Cold drawn oil cracking pipe production

      Cold-drawn oil cracking pipe production can be cold-rolled, cold drawn, cold-drawn, cold-mixed production. Using drawing process, equipment is simple, less investment, easy operation and maintenance. But the downside is that many of the wood's intermediate links. The use of cold processing equipment more complex and more investment, but can reduce the intermediate processes and improve the yield, seamless steel products, high-dimensional, high surface accuracy, especially for seamless high-precision seamless and thin-walled seamless tube.

The number and cost of the finished product specifications can not be too much due to the limitations of the roll pass; cold-rolled and cold drawn joint production of finished products, good quality steel processing cycle time is short, reduce the intermediate degreasing, heat treatment, faint, straightening The process of saving energy, reducing metal consumption, less raw material specifications. Petroleum pyrolysis tube can be cold pickling acid, hydrochloric acid, mixed acid, hydrofluoric acid and so on. Carbon steel and alloy seamless steel should be sulfuric acid, high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel, seamless precision of not less than hydrochloric acid.

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