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Spiral tube corrosion characteristics

Date:2018-02-07    View:424      Tag:Spiral tube corrosion characteristics
1, corrosion-resistant. Polyethylene is an inert material that, in addition to a few strong oxidizers, can withstand the erosion of various chemical media.
2, no leakage. Polyethylene pipe is mainly welded connection (hot melt connection or welding), to ensure that the interface material, structure and management of their own nature, to achieve the integration of pipe joints. Tests show that the interface tensile strength and burst strength are higher than the tube body, can effectively resist the circumferential stress and axial stress generated tensile stress.
3, high toughness. Polyethylene pipe is a very tough pipe, the elongation at break is generally greater than 500%, based on the pipe to adapt to uneven sedimentation is very strong. This is an excellent pipeline seismic performance.
4, with excellent flexibility. Polyethylene flexible polyethylene pipe can be coiled, and the longer supply length does not require a variety of connecting pipe opponents, but also easy to process changes in accordance with the requirements of construction, you can also change the shape of the embedded pipe, the old pipe inserted to restore the original size And size.
5, has a good anti-scratch ability. Studies have shown that, PE80 PE pipe has better resistance and scratch resistance. PE100 polyethylene pipe material has better scratch resistance.
6, good crack resistance. Polyethylene has good resistance to rapid crack. The lower the temperature, the greater the diameter and wall thickness, the greater the working pressure, the greater the risk of plastic pipe rapid cracking. Polyethylene pipe, especially PE100 pipe is more suitable for large-diameter pipe. Currently, standard polyethylene gas pipe (is04437-1997 and en1555) with anti-rapid crack growth (RCP) was included in the standard.
7, long service life. 60 ℃ ≤ conditions can be used for more than 50 years.

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