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Production Elements and Characteristics of LSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-02-08    View:781      Tag:Production factors and characteristics of straight seam welded pipe
Extend the diameter of the straight seam steel pipe to increase the dimensional accuracy and improve the distribution of stress in the steel pipe to the internal and external weld 100% ray Inspection by the Industrial TV Image Processing System to ensure detection sensitivity X-ray inspection. Straight seam welded steel pipe is adopted after the weld is formed, and continuous welding is carried out by using gas shielded welding (MAG). Hydraulic pressure test: The steel pipe hydraulic pressure tester expands after the root canal test to ensure that the pressure test pipe meets the required standard. Automatic recording and storage capabilities. Later, with large diameter LSAW steel pipe production line, the first full-board ultrasonic flaw detection. Longitudinal welded pipe according to the production process can be divided into high frequency straight seam submerged arc welded pipe and straight seam welded pipe. Submerged arc welded straight seam steel pipe according to their different molding methods are divided into UOE, RBE, JCOE steel.
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