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Characteristics of Welded Steel Tube Slag

Date:2018-04-01    View:889      Tag:Characteristics of Welded Steel Tube Slag
Welding steel pipe slag is the residual slag in the weld. From the theoretical analysis, the main reason for submerged arc welding slag inclusion due to the following three reasons: 1 The raw materials (including the parent metal, wire, and flux) are more tolerable; 2 During the multi-layer welding, cleaning between layers; 3 Improper selection, welding process parameters are not conducive to the production of slag.

According to the production characteristics of the LSAW pipe, it is possible to eliminate the unclean between layers during multilayer welding and produce slag.

In the inclusion of raw materials, the welding slag and straight seam steel pipe companies replaced the new metal, welding wire and flux in the pretest test base. The proportion of slag produced in the weld fusion line was only slightly reduced, indicating that the raw materials of the inclusions It is not the main reason for slag formation.

Therefore, the main reason for the thick wall is the slag inclusion in the welded seam of the straight seam welded pipe caused by improper selection of welding process parameters. Thick-walled LSAW steel pipe welding parameters are: line energy, welding current, welding voltage, welding speed, welding wire spacing, groove size.
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