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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Pipes

Date:2018-02-28    View:874      Tag:Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Pipes
Hydrostatic Pressure Test Static method is used to measure the measurement index of rock deformation.

Hydrostatic test is a test. After the pressure vessel is manufactured, add appropriate amount of water to the vessel to test the macroscopic strength of the vessel (if it is deformed too much) and the sealing point and welding before the newly installed vessel 3 is used or entered.

Determination of rock
Rock tunnel excavation test, the test tunnel test section is closed at one end of the concrete cover, with high-pressure water pump into the test wind tunnel, so try to cave rock surface caused by a rock deformation test again change the underground radius or diameter uniform water pressure, Then the relationship between the deformation modulus and the elastic resistance of the rock is calculated.

Determination of pressure components
Usually closed pressure parts, pressure components 1.25 or 1.5 times the design pressure of the injection pressure test water. The test was considered satisfactory when observed for at least 30 minutes without leakage or leakage through the mating face of the cabinet or housing. Large thick-walled castings may require longer test times.
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