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The straightening method of DSAW tube

Date:2018-05-23    View:1169      Tag:The straightening method of DSAW tube
he straightening method of DSAW pipe:
One, the DSAW tube is bent in the same direction
Reason: Welding normalization is insufficient, the pipe has thermal stress on the welding side, and bent in one direction after cooling.
Solutions: 1, adjust the middle roller, properly increase the deflection curve; 2, two straightening; 3, the whole tempering pipe can not be straightened directly.

Two. The DSAW tube is unrule bending
Reasons: 1. the pressure between the three rollers is not consistent; 2. the straightening roller wears a lot.
Solution: check whether the adjustment of the straightening roller is loose, and use the sample rod to straighten the contact line length between the three.

Third, the length of the DSAW tube is short
The reason is that the angle of the three roller straightening roller is different, and the straightening pressure is larger.
Solution: adjust the rolling angle as much as possible and adjust the straightening pressure properly.

Four. The DSAW tube is in the bend of the head
Cause: the distance between the rollers is too large.
Solution: suitable for suitable diameter of small spacing straightener.

Five. The head of the DSAW tube is not round
Cause: the contact phase between the three straightening rollers is misplaced or overlapped, and the rolling pressure is too high.
Solution: properly adjust the angle between the drum and the drum, and the roller pressure on the roller.

With the development of science and technology, more and more new technologies have been applied to steel tube straightener. If a company improves and applies the seven roll straightener, model 3-1-3 straightener. It is completely different from the usual six roll straightener, and solves the adjustment problem of the circle direction leveling roll group. It is characterized by adjusting the height of the drive roller by adjusting the inclination of the irons so that the three straightening rolls can be adjusted in the circumference direction, and the straightening center line is always the same. The advantage is that the structure is simple and easy to adjust, and the pipe is uniformly pressed on the circumference. Therefore, high-precision straightening, good quality, applicable specifications, large amplitude.
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