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Pipe Surface Roughness

Date:2018-03-02    View:878      Tag:Pipe Surface Roughness
Pipe surface roughness is the machined surface with small spacing and small valley irregularities. The distance between two wave crests or two troughs (pitches) is small (less than 1mm) and the naked eye is hard to distinguish, belonging to the geometrical error of the microstructure. The greater the surface roughness, the smoother the surface. The size of the surface roughness, the mechanical parts have a great impact on the performance.

Pipe surface roughness is mainly manifested in the following areas:
1) pipe surface roughness of the wear resistance. The rougher the surface, the smaller the effective contact area between mating surfaces, the greater the pressure and the faster the wear.
2) The complex nature of pipe surface roughness stability. For clearance fit, the rougher the surface, the easier it is to wear, so that the clearance increases during operation; the interference fit, as the assembly will squeeze the microscopic crest level, reducing the actual effective interference and reducing the coupling strength.
3) Parts fatigue strength of the pipe surface roughness. Grooves have large surface roughness, and like sharp corners, they are sensitive to stress concentration due to gaps and cracks, affecting the fatigue strength of the part.
4) pipe surface roughness. Rough surface, easy to make corrosive gas or liquid penetrate the inner surface of the microscopic metal, causing surface erosion.
5) Seal pipe surface roughness. Not in close cooperation between the rough surface, the contact surface between the gas or liquid leakage gap.
6) parts of the contact stiffness and surface roughness. Part of the bonding surface contact stiffness is in the external force, the contact resistance deformation. The rigidity of the machine depends very much on the contact stiffness between the components.
7) affect the measurement accuracy of parts. Part of the measuring surface and measuring tools on the surface roughness measurement will directly affect the measurement accuracy, especially in precision measurement. In addition, the coating surface roughness, thermal conductivity and contact resistance, reflectivity and radiation properties, flow and gas resistance, the current flow in the conductor surface will have varying degrees of impact.
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