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X-ray Inspection Operate of Wall Thickness SSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-12-17    View:1276      Tag:X-ray Inspection Operate of Wall Thickness SSAW Steel Pipe

X-ray inspection operations SSAW pipe wall thickness is as follows:

1, X-ray machine operators must hold a professional ray inspection certificate, and familiar with the performance of the machine.
2, when the instrument library, the instrument should be carefully inspected to ensure that no problems, the parts are complete, especially signs, safety ropes, dosimeters, doses and other chapters. At the end of the work, these items should be removed and returned to the warehouse with the X-ray machine.
3, in the work before the start of testing, to be safe. Radiation hazard zone or another way; the sign of "the danger of radiation from the entrance to the main channel of ionization", the location of radiation and radiation time According to the approval of the construction site manager, the construction site manager should take other non-notification effective methods Radiation evacuation zone.
4, x-ray machine should be properly grounded before starting, and check the power supply voltage and X-ray machine before matching the voltage transmission.
5, the process of work, workers should carry radiation radiation warning and wear dose chapter.
6, before approaching the high voltage generator, make sure the high voltage is cut off, to ensure that the radiation was terminated before the high voltage generator.
7, in case of failure, whether radiation or equipment failure, should immediately cut off the pressure and promptly notify the company responsible person, the company responsible for judging, take appropriate action.
8, equipment back to the library, should fill in X-ray machine records.

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