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Straight seam welded pipe forming requirements

Date:2018-03-12    View:474      Tag:Straight seam welded pipe forming requirements
Straight seam welded pipe weld appearance basic requirements:

Straight seam steel pipe before non-destructive testing, weld appearance inspection should meet the requirements. The general requirements for the appearance of straight seam welded pipe and the surface quality of welded joints are as follows:
Welds should have a good appearance, with a width of 2mm on each side of the slot. The fillet weld leg height should meet the design requirements and the shape should be smoothly transitioned.

Welded joint surface requirements:
(1) Cracks, lack of fusion, pores, slag, and spatter are not allowed.
(2) The design temperature is below 29°C. Stainless steel and hardened alloy steel pipes have large weld surfaces with no root cuts. The depth of undercuts of other material pipeline welds shall be greater than 0.5mm, the length of continuous undercut shall not be greater than 100mm, and the total length of welds where the total length of undercuts on both sides of the weld is 10%.
(3) It must not be lower than the surface of the weld surface of the pipe. The welding reinforcement does not exceed 3mm (the maximum width of the weld after the groove).
(4) The thickness of the side wall of the welded joint shall be less than 10% and not more than 2mm.

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