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Seamless Steel Pipe for Heat Exchanger and Condensers

Date:2018-01-20    View:914      Tag:Seamless Steel Pipe for Heat Exchanger and Condensers
Seamless steel tubes for heat exchange are fluids used for heating or cooling processes, for example, they are solutions for closed-circuit cooling of electrical equipment using demineralized water to cool water in a quench tank.

Heat exchanger tubes are used in all types of process industries. Characteristic requirements are: weld bead, fixed length and extensive testing. In order to meet the fast delivery requirements, we have a strip standard and a special grade of steel at the most common thickness.

Standard and grade: ASTM a179 / ASME sa179
Delivery conditions: Annealing, normalizing, normalizing and tempering.
The main tests are according to ASTM a213-09 and ASTM 1016
1. High pressure water pressure test: at least 10 maps.
2. Eddy current test, ultrasonic test
Three. Mechanical test
4. OD and weight tolerance test.

Surface treatment:
Oil impregnation, varnish, passivation, phosphating, shot peening.
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