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Cold welding machine

Date:2018-03-12    View:912      Tag:Cold welding machine
Cold welding is the action of mechanical force, molecular force or power, which spreads the welding material to the surface of the process equipment (method). On the microscopic scale, this phenomenon is closely related to the diffusion of atoms on the surface of the material.

Cold welding machine can be divided into welding, cold welding machine, paste cold welding repair, welding copper and aluminum wire cold welding machine. The first two are used to repair metal, casting surface wear, scratches, sand holes, sand holes and other small defects; the latter used to weld copper wire, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal wire, such as motor welding enameled wire.

Because of the difference in cold welding and the traditional welding consciousness, the hardness, adhesion and strength of cold solder are particularly high, almost no shrinkage, and can reliably prevent many chemical effects, physical stress and mechanical stress, so it is also called “liquid metal”. Using a reasonable process, select the appropriate chemical bonding materials (adhesives, sealants, retention aids, repair agents, etc.) to connect the same or dissimilar materials together to achieve connectivity, sealability, thermal insulation, functional coatings And other major applications.

Cold welding can be used for all metals and almost all other raw materials interconnected, fixed welding and sealing, quenching and metal filing, planing, grinding, milling, polishing, automotive, shot blasting, various processing tools. For the maintenance of old equipment, it is of great significance to reduce the manufacturing process of waste products. Moreover, the connection of some materials with the general welding method, due to the high welding temperature, not only degrades the strength of the material, but also easily deforms, especially for thin materials. However, these problems do not exist in cold welding because the cold welding is performed at room temperature, and the joint stress can be more evenly distributed on all the plastic surfaces, thereby improving the above-mentioned part of the problems caused by welding, riveting, bolts, etc. , improve fatigue life.

With the application of cold welding technology is mature, the application of cold welding of polymer composite materials is more stable and more extensive, and nanomaterials between cold welding and welding have attracted more and more attention, including nano-assembly and advanced manufacturing, and biosensors. , a new generation of microelectronic devices and chip interconnection technology
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