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Steel pipes for offshore platforms

Date:2018-06-20    View:1055      Tag:Steel pipes for offshore platforms
Foreign overseas platform material number
S355G2 + N, S355G3 + N, S355G5 + M, S355G6 + M, S355G7 + M, S355G7 + N.

With the entry of the country into the deep sea, a large number of offshore platforms have emerged, and the supply of domestic offshore platform boards has increased rapidly. Marine platform board is mainly used for offshore oil and gas drilling, platform pipe joint and other structural parts production; ABS, French BV, British LR, German GL, Norway DNV, Italy RINA, Japanese NK, China CCS, Korea KR and other classification societies certification, can do Z15 / Z25 / Z35 offshore platform steel development, DMH United Steel Industry  limited public The company successfully manufactured two 50/100 thick S460G2 + QT steel plates, S460G2 + QT / EQ43-EQ51 / S355G10 + N / A517GrQ / NVE690. The production process of EQ43-EQ51 and WDB620E has been confirmed and optimized. 177.8mm, 185mm and 215mm thick A517GrQ steel plates were manufactured and certified by ABS. The S355G10 + N test is completed with a specified thickness of 25-110. The steel plate test results are good, and the performance indexes can meet the standard requirements. The NVE690 offshore engineering steel plate was successfully commissioned and delivered to mass production. The use of steel plates for marine engineering will be expanded to replace imports. 150mm grade A514GrQ high strength steel has been developed, which is the first country in the country of quenching thickness. It has been used in offshore jack up platforms and has been certified by ABS and other classification societies.

DMH United Steel Industry Co., Ltd. can produce A517GrQ steel for offshore oil drilling rig. It began production in 2009 and was certified by several authoritative classification societies. In order to expand the production capacity and meet the market demand of large thickness offshore platform frame steel, DMH United Steel Industry Co., Ltd. has opened up a new heat treatment process for the 177.8mm thick offshore platform frame steel A517GrQ, and strives to improve the production capacity of the products. With the development of deep sea drilling in various countries, the rack steel with a thickness of 177.8 millimeters has become an internationally recognized main specification and is one of the most important parts for the manufacture of deep-sea self lifting platforms. The A517GrQ produced by DMH United Steel Industry Co., Ltd. has reached the international advanced level.

The offshore platform baseboard is mainly made of DH36 / EH36 and can be made of Z15 / Z25 / Z35, with a thickness of 8-200.
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