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The difference between stainless steel pipe and carbon seamless steel pipe

Date:2018-03-23    View:779      Tag:The difference between stainless steel pipe and carbon seamless steel pipe
The difference between the so-called stainless steel seamless steel tube and carbon seamless steel pipe, mainly refers to the stainless steel and carbon steel in the design of the difference, that is, the design rules of these two kinds of steel is not common.

Stainless steel design rules cannot be applied to carbon steel because there are three fundamental differences between stainless steel and carbon seamless steel tubes.
First, the cold-worked stainless steel takes the case of work hardening as an example. When it is bent, it has anisotropy, that is, the horizontal direction and vertical performance are different. The strength can be increased by cold working, but if the bending area is smaller than the total area and the growth rate is negligible, the increase in strength can increase the safety factor to some extent. under these circumstances,

Second, the stress/strain curve of different shapes, the elastic limit of stainless steel is about 50% of the yield stress, and calculated according to the minimum value, the yield stress value is lower than the yield stress value of medium carbon steel. under these circumstances,

Third, there is no yield point for stainless steel, which usually means that the yield stress at ó0.2 is considered to be equivalent.

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